Immigration Workshop for Students 

Learn more and get up-to-date information on immigration and support services . You will receive information on educational, financial, and legal resources concerning undocumented students and their families. Hear from a panel of experts that include lawyers, social workers, educators, and human services professionals. Experts on the DREAM Act and D.A.C.A (Deferred Action for Child Arrivals) will give information to support completing high school and higher education.

Learn how to make the system work for you.

The workshop will help students:

Get up to date information on immigration

Find job opportunities for both undocumented and documented students

Learn how to apply for  Financial Aid for college

Learn how to start a business even if you are undocumented

When: May 26, 2016

You have the choice of morning or afternoon sessions

Time: 9:00 AM – 1:30 PM

Address: The Los Angeles Expo Center 

3980 S. Robertson Lane (formerly Menlo Ave.) 

Los Angeles, CA 90037

 For more information contact:

Martin Cheeseborough
(323) 230-6103




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The “Where Do I Belong?” Project  is a semester long social media project exploring thoughts and issues surrounding immigration in our community and the world at large. The project is led by the students of Augustus Hawkins High School and Foshay Learning Center.

We intend to foster discuss and inform our community about this complex and sensitive topic. Our posts will include interviews with civic leaders and citizens involved in advocating and serving both sides of the issue.

We treasure civil discussion. So click on a post, watch the video and join in. We can’t wait to hear from you.


About Us

Where do I belong?

This question perplexes everybody, but none more than the young.

The students of the Media Aid Center were drawn into a conversation surrounding their family members and friends hiding in the shadows of the immigration issue. Soon it became apparent not only how polarizing the conversation was but also how little information we actually know about the immigration issue and the immigration process.

Students from both the Augustus F. Hawkins H.S. and the Foshay Learning Center decided to design a place where others could contribute to the conversation and they could better come to understand the issue. During the upcoming year, we will find facts to discuss, people and policymakers to interview, and information necessary for young people to make a decision.

With the help of a grant from the Frieda C. Fox Family Foundation, we intend to hold a youth conference in Los Angeles to allow a greater direct exchange of information. With technical support from the Media Aid Center along with Educate Motivate ~ Graduate (E.M.G.) Enterprise, and training support from the Constitutional Rights Foundation, we will open a forum for the discussion of youth issues.We hope immigration is the first of many topics. Through journalistic exploration, and open-minded advocacy will to tackle many of the questions inherent in the question “Where Do I Belong?”